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In Memorium

Entle Sipho of Danntrig (Sipho) (2/11/1999) Entle Sipho was a real gentle giant. He was very fond of the family, very obedient and well behaved and he was an excellent watch dog. 

Sipho won CC's at the following events:

He also won RCC's at the following events:

Height: 71cm    Colour: Red Wheaten



Rhodesian Ridgeback Photo,Entle Sipho of Danntrig

Demundeville Timone of Danntrig (Timone) (1/5/1999) was very friendly and sociable, but took over the watchdog duty if Sipho wasn't around. She was extremely fond of avocado pears. We have a tree in the garden and as soon as they fall of, she devours them! That was the reason for her “extremely good condition!”  

Height: 62cm Colour: Red Wheaten

Demundeville Timone of Danntrig: D.O.B. 01/05/1999

Rhodesian Ridgeback,Demundeville Timone of Danntrig

Rhodesian Ridgeback,Demundeville Timone of Danntrig


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