Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs

The Family

Both my husband and I work from home. My husband, Koos, is a registered Industrial Psychologist and I am a registered Occupational Therapist. When we moved to the plot (5.5 acres) in 1996, we realized that we had to have good watchdogs.  The plot is situated in Kempton Park (South Africa), very close to Johannesburg International Airport.  We bought our first 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks. The first litter was such an enriching and lovely experience, that we decided to breed more regularly. The 3 children are very fond of the dogs as well and are allowed to handle the puppies from the day they are born. Christa, the eldest daughter always helps with the caring and feeding (she wants to become a veterinarian) and Deon, the youngest son, plays with the dogs ensuring that everyone gets enough exercise. Susan, the middle daughter, is the “financial planner” and showgirl! She has been handling some of the dogs in the showing! Many a tear has been shed when puppies had to go to new homes!  We breed with Ridgebacks, because we enjoy it.  Litters are planned to fit into our schedules, so that puppies can receive love and attention! Puppies are occasionally available to approved homes.

The Children:

Ages: 21,18,14
Christa, the eldest daughter, will receive her B.Comm HR degree at the end of this year. She is still very involved  with the dogs and puppies when she comes home over weekends. Susan the middle daugter , is still the financial manager. She is in matric this year and have applied to go into chemical engineering next year. Deon is  the one who ensures that all the dogs get enough exercise.They love running around and wrestling.

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Danntrig Rhodesian Ridgeback