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Let me tell you about our dogs. Each and everyone are special to us and they all have a personality of their own. Our dogs are all show quality and have lovely temperaments. Their colours range from wheaten to red wheaten. They are excellent watchdogs and they only bark when necessary. They roam free on the plot (5.5 acres). All of them are very protective towards the family - my husband, 3 children, 19,16 , 12 and me, and they are very accepting of the children and their friends. At present we have 6 Rhodesian ridgebacks, 1 male and 5 females and a Toy French Poodle called Duchess, We also have 2 cats, Clio and Dinglers

Danntrig Kiehara (3/7/2007).Kiehara loves life andcan be rather boisterous! She and our son Deon, are best friends and will often have a "wrestling "match outside on the lawn.

Kiehara is the daughter of Danntrig Mphasha and the late Demundeville Timone of Danntrig. What a little character - her nickname is Chico the clown - you can only laugh at all her antics!

Shumbatsvuku Nehra of Danntrig ( 26/12/2006)

Unfortunately Nehra can not be used for breeding. She did not pass the required hip dysplasia grading and had to be spayed. Hopefully her mother instinct will still be strong enough to continue her role as surrogate mother for other Danntrig puppies.

Nehra was imported  from Zimbabwe and is keeping the whole family on their toes! She is a busy body with endless energy but will happily get onto your lap when tired and given the chance!

Danntrig Phoembi (Phoembi) (3/2/2002) Phoembie is the veteran of the Danntrig crowd. She turned 7 in April, but is still as active and playful as ever. She has been retired from breeding but still plays an important role in the guarding of the property and the raising of puppies.

The gentle, regal “queen”. She is very sensitive and loves “talking” to us!   Phoembi won her first CC at the S.A. Ladies Kennel Association Championship Show - 10 October 2004.

Height: 69cm Colour: Dark Red Wheaten

She also won a RCC at the SA Ladies Kennel Ass. on 9 Oct. 2005.

Nyla of Danntrig (2/5/2004)

Nyla always has a smile on her face.She still loves playing in the water and enjoys the little stream on the farm Zanddam.A combination of all Danntrig bloodlines since 1997.  She is a playful dog with a lovely sense of humor!  She is doing well in agility training.  Her best friend is the toy French poodle, called Duchess.  Nyla loves water and is constantly playing in her splash pool.

Height: 63 cm    Colour: Red Wheaten

Danntrig Mphasha ( 6/01/2006) Mphasha is the leader of the Danntrig pack. He remains a gentle giant, despite his size. He loves attention and will sctatch you with his paw till he gets the attention he wants.He is the son of Entle Sipho and Nyla of Danntrig. He has grown into a handsome fellow and has the gentle, reserved nature of his father.

Lanestill Serabi of Danntrig (16/3/2006).

What a chatter box! Serabi is a happy-go lucky dog who loves talking !She has a strong hunting instinct and many a quinea fowl had a narrow escape with her around.

Serabi keeps all the other dogs young and fit,especially Mphasa and Duchess! She is always looking for someone to play with and loves running. She has a very soft and gentle nature.

I mentioned previously that the dogs roam free on the plot. They are very active and fit and love playing with each other late in the afternoons. (Their  “play” seems rather rough to me at times but they have never seriously injured one another.)


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