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Foxy is the little old man in our lives. My dad imported him from overseas and when he got a little older he was to much for him. He didn't like o be alone and was getting into so much trouble. So we took him. Being a terrier he thinks he's a Rottweiler. He would take on Bobby and now Buster just to prove he's the boss. Once he lost the fight and Bobby bit him and I had to get his ear stitched back on. Now that he is older (11 yrs) he is more dosile. He spends his day sleeping down at dads place and couldn't be bothered with Abby and Buster.

Muffy came into our lives as this tiny ball of fluff after we discovered we had mice and rats coming from the neighbors. She has proved a very valuable member of the family as we have never had those pests in our home since we got her. She's not a very friendly cat, but when she wants love she comes and gets it. Since Bob and Jess died she is sleeping with us. Her latest is to lie on my back while I sleep. I think she misses them but she has also bonded well with Abby and Buster.

Mishy came to us in July 1997 after my brother passed away. No one wanted her so we took her in. She a very dosile lazy girl. All she seems to do all day is eat and sleep. Abby and Buster give her the only excercise she gets by chasing her. Poor thing. They are very mean to her. Abby just needs to see her and the chase is on.

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