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Bobby was getting ill and we didn't want to have a void in our lives. Friends of ours were going to breed with their Doberman so we said we would have one of the litter. So on the 9th July 2002 Buster was born. 4 weeks later we took him home to us. At first Bobby and Jessie didn't like him much. He was to full of life for them. Then Jess went to the bridge and Jon was devastated. Two weeks later we got Abby. Buster loved Abby from day one. They are together 24/7. They get up to the most amazing things when we are not home. Abby's latest  thing is to chew the wires of the electric gate.  I think she loves seeing me fixing them night after night.  We even put some rocks around the motor but those were no challenge for Abby. I think she must have got an electric shock because for the last week she hasn't been near it. Buster on the other hand is an Olympic swimmer. He will dive in the pool and just go for a swim. He absolutely loves the water. We just moved home and that didn't come with any adventures. My sister was coming for breakfast and I needed to get a few things. I wasn't gone more than an hour, and when I got home, opened the gate Abby and Buster were gone. I was in a total state. I got back in the car to go and look for them. After about 10 minutes I found them they were a short way from home with a few "friends" they met along the way. Buster was sopping wet so I guess he found a pool to cool off in. I wish I could explain the look on their faces. Like " Oh boy Buster we are in trouble" Abby looked at me and then at Buster. I got them in the car and gave the a good talking to. This happened once more, but now they are settled in here beautifully. I could tell you so many stories about these two monsters but that will take up to much time and space here. So sit back and enjoy the pics of them. I will update them from time to time so be sure to get back here




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