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I still remember the day we went to chose them. There were about 8 puppies and only 2 black ones that were the males. The other 4 were the little girls. Bob and Jess stuck out straight away because they were the two fluffiest of the litter. I was getting 2 big dogs because I was moving into a house shortly and didn't want to be there all alone. I took them and we lived in our apartment for a month. I still remember having to go up and down the stairs 3 or 4 times a night to let them do their business. The first night I had them in the kitchen and that was also the last. They cried and cried the whole night and I couldn't stand it. So from that day they slept in the room with me. Then came the big day ... the move.....

Well they loved their new home with a huge garden. The one thing I have to tell you is how they protected me the second night I was in the house. It was about 3 in the morning, all of a sudden these 2 month old puppies started to bark like mad. I was in a state. There were no outside lights yet so it was very dark. I got up and walked into the passage to see why they were barking. The curtain in the lounge was blowing in the wind so I thought that that was the reason. I reached over to close the window and alas... the window panes were gone. Yes I was being burgled and my babies saved me from that. Needless to say I had burglar bars installed the next day to prevent that from happening again. Over the years The two of them were my souls mates. I was living alone so when I came home they were there. When I was sad I cried with them and somehow they knew exactly what to do. They just lay by me and licked me.

Then I met Jon, they loved him from day one and Jon and Jess had  special bond. She would nudge him under the duvet if she wanted to be let out, she would lay by his side. So when we had to send her to the bridge he took her passing far worse than I did. Jessica got right into Jons heart. Every morning at 6 like clock work she would go to his side of the bed and put her little wet nose under the duvet and nudge him to get out of bed. Bobby was more my boy. He would follow me where ever I went. Even at 2 in the morning when I went to the bathroom Bobby would be there. I could spend hours talking about them, all the sweet little things they did. They are still with us now, even if its in 2 beautiful wooden boxes right here in the study where we spend most of the time. Gone does not mean forgotten. The will always be our first loves.

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